7 Things You Should Look for in Android Phone

Android phones are loved by all. While Apple fans can say that iOS is a more friendly operating system to use than Android, there is no doubt that Android smartphones have an aura of their own

7 Things You Should Look for in Android Phone

Think of it this way. Even a decade ago, Android phones did not exist. But now, everyone likes to have a touch screen phone. This is why we see a number of smart phone manufacturers out of the smartphone with Android operating system.

Therefore, when you go to the market to buy an Android smartphone, you have to scratch your head in confusion. However, here are 7 things you should definitely keep in mind before deciding which Android smartphone purchase.

1. Design: you want your phone to do well. It should be eligible to appear in a night. But with this, you do not want it to be too fragile to handle. Obviously, all the phones can not be like the Nokia 1100 rugged. The mobile device is a legend. The current trend is to have an elegant smartphone 5-inch display.

2. Battery life: The main problem with the phone today is the short battery life. It takes a full night charged and only 4 hours of death. You can always think about buying an external battery charger. However, the existence of the cost of an addition to your bill. Therefore, when buying an Android smartphone, remember the life of the battery and the battery capacity.

3. Camera: for most people, the more megapixels mean better smartphone. Who does not want a good image? After all, everyone knows no one wants a DSLR. Become A post it on social networking sites like Facebook or download photos to Instagram, take pictures with your smartphone helps. However, do not look only the number of megapixels offered but the quality goals as well as it is not only the number of megapixels that determine the image quality.

4. Expandable Storage: Some phones do not allow you to expand the storage capacity. So if you have an internal capacity of 16 GB, you can add more storage, even if you need it. Most of us use 16 GB for music only. You need at least 32GB of storage to store your music and games. game file alone can make a storage space of 1GB or more.

5. A version of the operating system: Android OS name is complex. Have you heard of gingerbread, ice cream, and Kit-kat? Well, these are some of the names of the Android operating system that we have today. Although they taste, for a layman, it is very complicated to understand. Try to access the latest Android operating system to ensure compatibility with all applications.

6. Objective: Spend $ 200 on a phone when all you do is to make and receive calls, it is not unreasonable. Do not be swayed by looks. Glamor trapdoor. Smartphones should not be used only for calls. Instead, you must use your smartphone for many reasons, including the net browsing, games, and movies.

7. Customer Support: the more the phone is more advanced, the more likely he will require service. You need a company whose customer service is always willing to help repair the phone without giving you much time.

Keep in mind these seven points will help you buy a phone you want and you can show your friends with pride.