MTN Pulse Migration Code in 2021 – Enjoy 11Kobo/Second

What is the MTN Pulse Migration Code? Would you like to know the code to migrate to MTN Pulse? Stress no more, this post will contain MTN Pulse Migration Code and all the necessary information you need about MTN Pulse. Without a doubt, MTN Pulse is one of the best MTN tariff plans in Nigeria… and it was on our list of the latest MTN tariff plans. However, the information in the post on this list was just a highlight of Pulse’s main benefits. That’s why we decided to share this guide to help you learn more about the Pulse rate plan, including information about the migration code, benefits, bonuses, and calling rates.

MTN has millions of subscribers in Nigeria. While the network is available in other countries, it is more developed in Nigeria. In other words, Nigeria is the largest market.

It goes without saying that NCC and the Nigerian people expect a lot from the network, and it has even met some of those expectations.

Not too many plans have the perfect balance between calling and data. Nevertheless, the MTN pulse does a great job.

Whether you’re a fan of cheap calls or bonus data, the MTN impulse meets all your needs.

Before I make any further claims and jump so much on the rate, I’ll list all the benefits associated with switching to an MTN pulse. It is up to you to decide whether or not to switch from the current plan.

Advantages of MTN Pulse Migration Code:

  • MTN impulse rate plan: we are impulsive
  • 11 kopecks/second cost for calls over ALL local networks after a daily spend of NGN12.50 (for calls).
  • Stream your favorite songs all day long on Music+ for ₦10 per day
  • Up to 500 MB Impulse Night Pack only for the price of 100
  • 100% data bonus when you buy a 500 MB weekly pack… 1 GB in total for only 500.
  • Weekly 10MB data bonus for 100₦ and 20MB bonus for 200 or more downloads, as well as once a week.
  • Unlike some other rate plans, the MTN pulse does not incur a daily connection fee except NGN 12.50 which is charged for the first calls of the day (first 50 seconds only) ie 50 seconds @ 25,000 seconds.

MTN Pulse has many other benefits…let’s leave it at that for now.

MTN pulse Prices for messages and calls

One of the most important factors to consider before joining a rate is the price of local and international calls. Are you getting a good price on impulse subscription MTN calls? Let’s find out:

Calls to all Nigerian networks are charged at 11 Kobo/sec. However, to take advantage of this, you must have made your first call of the day, which will charge you 22K/sec in the first 50 seconds. Basically, after your first 50-second call, other calls will be charged at 6.6 per minute. Hold on, don’t you think the MTN impulse is Nigeria’s best rate?

  • The normal price for MTN international calls applies to the impulse rate.
  • All messages from Nigerian networks will be charged from 4 to 160 characters.

MTN Pulse Migration Code

If you want to migrate to MTN pulse and enjoy all the above benefits, dial *406# or *123*2*2#; Or send SMS “406” to 131. That is the MTN Pulse Migration Code you can use to migrate.

The Migration is free if you have not completed the last transfer within the last 30 days. There is also an impulse rate plan for prepaid customers; so you can switch to it at any time.

MTN iPulse and Pulse Differences

Do you want to know the main differences between MTN iPulse and Pulse? If your answer is yes, then you should read on.

Many people are still confused and misinterpret the benefits of both pricing plans, which are similar in pronunciation but have some key differences.

iPulse was introduced to help Nigerian campus students get the best value-added iPulse to iPulse calls and many other benefits. In other words, iPulse is made for people or students living on the campuses of Nigeria. All these benefits end when you leave campus.

However, iPulse no longer exists. What we have now is just Pulse. Both rates were merged… and they are no longer just student plans, but a plan for everyone.

How To Migrate From Mtn Pulse To Normal – Opt-Out Code?

Whenever and wherever you decide that you no longer want to subscribe to an MTN impulse, you can easily unsubscribe by choosing the code of the rate plan you want to switch to.

View all currently available MTN rate plans.

You will not be charged for switching to a new plan if your last transfer was not made within the last 30 days.

Conclusion – MTN Pulse Migration Code

In my opinion, MTN Pulse is one of the best tariff plans in Nigeria. When in doubt, read our articles on Glo rate plans and compare for yourself. By the way, I didn’t say the best ooo…I just said the best.

With a cheap 11k/sec call, my personal favorite Pulse rate nightlife package. With the nightlife kit, I get 2GB for just 400₦ if I want it. If I wanted, I could get more than 2 GB. However, I’ve decided to leave it at that.

One’s food is another’s poison, so to speak. Nevertheless, I am sure that the heartbeat is the most popular on the network. Perhaps MTN Beta Talk is in second place.

Do you have any questions or comments about this guide? Feel free to share using the comments below.