Etisalat Family And Friends Code – How To Add and Check 9mobile You And Me List in 2021

Would you like to know Etisalat family and friends code? And how to check Etisalat you and me list? This post will be showing you everything you might like to know about Etisalat family and friends code.

With the 9mobile codes for you and me, you can register and manage your 9mobile family and friends numbers if you have a 9mobile prepaid subscription, which gives you free airtime every week to call your loved ones. You must top up the N100 or N200 within a week to get free airtime.

What Is Etisalat Family And Friends Code

If you migrate to 9mobile moretalk prepaid, you will receive N100 “free credit” the week you reload N100. When you top up to N200, you get N300 “free credit”. You can get up to N1200 “Free Credit” every month by topping up a minimum of N200 per week.

You can only use the free credit to call the phone numbers on your 9mobile list.

How You And Me Register Numbers On 9mobile

  • To add family and friends to 9mobile, dial * 233 * 1 * 9mobile number #.

How To Delete A Number From The 9mobile You And Me List

  • To delete a You & Me number on 9mobile, dial * 233 * 2 * 9mobile Number #.

How To Replace Etisalat Family And Friends Number?

  • To replace a 9mobile You & Me number, dial * 233 * 3 * Old number * New number #.

How To Check Etisalat You And Me List?

How can I view 9Mobile numbers in you and me list? To view numbers in the 9Mobile You and Me list, dial * 233 #.


If you are not a 9mobile moretalk prepaid plan subscriber, you must migrate to the package so that you can use the rate for 9mobile families and friends. Dial * 244 * 2 # to migrate to More Talk. The cost is N100.

We hope you know learned everything you like to know about Etisalat family and friends code?