Fidelity Bank Loan USSD Code – Get Quick Loan From Fidelity Bank in 2021

What is Fidelity Bank Loan USSD Code and how to get loan from Fidelity bank? Fidelity Bank offers instant payday loans to individuals/customers that are designed to meet their needs.

Their loans range from Fidelity Payday Loan, Fidelity Migo Loan, Fidelity Bank Personal Loan, Fidelity Car Loan, Fidelity Veripay Loan, Fidelity 401k Loan, Fidelity Bank Business Loan, Fidelity Bank Student Loan, etc.

But if you are not satisfied with a Fidelity bank loan, check out these 20 loan Apps that offer fast and instant loans without collateral.

How Fidelity Bank Loan Works

When you need some extra money from the bank and then for example for an emergency, school fees, or a car purchase.

Fidelity Bank has you covered, you can talk to them today about Fidelity FastLoans or call the Fidelity Bank Loan USSD Code *770*08# to access their digital fast loans.

How to Qualify for Fidelity Bank Loan

  • You must be a wage earner
  • Salary must be domiciled with Fidelity Bank Plc
  • You must have received at least 3 consecutive months of salary from Fidelity Bank Plc
  • You must have a clean credit report

Top Loans Offered by Fidelity Bank

Payday loans

Payday Loan is a short-term loan designed to meet the immediate need of a wage earner who’s account is established with Fidelity Bank.

The loan disbursed in less than 2 minutes can be accessed through Fidelity Bank’s digital channels.

Why A Fidelity Payday Loan?

  • You can borrow up to 50% of your net salary from Fidelity Bank Plc
  • You can borrow a minimum loan amount – 10,000.00 and a maximum loan amount – ₦ 1,000,000.00
  • The maturity date is the last day of the month and the interest rates and fees for the facility are 2.95% (subject to periodic reviews by prevailing market conditions).

2. Fidelity Migo Loan

Migo Loan partners with Kwikmoney and offers loans for users of Airtel, Mtn, Glo, 9mobile with an interest rate of 15%.

How to qualify?

  • Must have a bank account
  • Need to charge your phone
  • The phone must be registered with the bank

3. Fidelity Personal Loan

When you need to finance a major expense or pay off credit debt, a personal loan from a loyalty bank provides you with instant cash loans of up to N1,000,000.

4. Fidelity Auto / Car Loan

Whether you are a driver or need a loan to finance your car business, the Fidelity Auto Loan allows you to start and buy your dream car.

Fidelity Loan App – How to Get Loan from Fidelity Bank Online?

FastLoan is an application from Fidelity Bank Plc for processing micro-loans. The application allows instant loan disbursement within 2 minutes as well as seamless loan repayment through various flexible options without documentation, collateral, or bank visit.

With just your phone number and a bank account, they will offer you a loan and pay it out to your preferred bank account within minutes.

Consistently pay back on time and access even higher loan offers.

  • Download the app
  • Create an account with an email address and a phone number
  • Get instant access to loan offers
  • Cash-out to your favorite bank account.

Fidelity Bank Loan USSD Code – Fidelity Bank Quick Loan Code

Access instant payday loans from your phone when you dial the Fidelity Bank loan USSD code *770*08# to access their digital Fastloans.


Do you want to get in touch with Fidelity? Whether you want to make a complaint or share your feedback, no matter what time it is or where you are, email Trueserve @