Smart MCN Service Etisalat – Deactivate Etisalat Last Call Notification Service 2022

How can I activate Smart MCN Service Etisalat and deactivate it? The Etisalat Last Call Notification Service has been around for a while, but most of us are not aware of it. The last call notification function informs you of the call sending time and the duration of the call immediately after hanging up.

Well, that’s why we are here today and we are going to discuss how to enable and disable the Etisalat Last Call Notification service on your phone.

I am sure many Etisalat users receive such SMS after a call termination. Apparently, Etisalat subscribes to this service by default for all customers. The notification of the last call from Etisalat to me was always spam because every time I disconnected calls I got unnecessary messages.

I came to a decision later and decided to decline the Smart MCN Service Etisalat when it is no longer useful and interesting to me. However, some may find this service useful and interesting, others may find it spammy.

Let’s just get to the point without wasting so much time, because time is money and money is time. I will show you how to successfully disable this service when you are no longer interested in it.

How to cancel, stop or deactivate Etisalat last call notification?

How To Deactivate The Etisalat Last Call Notification:

  • Dial *262*2# on your phone.
  • You will then receive a confirmation message.

How to Activate Smart MCN Service Etisalat?

  • To activate this service, dial *262*1#. You will then receive a confirmation message.

If you are having trouble activating and deactivating the smart mcn service Etisalat on your phone, please leave a comment below.