How To Migrate to Glo Berekete To Enjoy 700% Top-up Bonus

How To Migrate to Glo Berekete To Enjoy 700% Top-up Bonus

Globacom has launched a new revolutionary pricing plan called Glo Berekete to enable subscribers to enjoy voice and data services at discounted rates and bumper bonuses. You will learn how to Migrate to Glo Brekete Plan, code to migrate to glo berekete, how to deactivate from Glo berekete, you will know GLO berekete bonus balance … Read more

Airtel Data transfer Code in Nigeria and India

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What is the Airtel Data transfer Code and How to share data on airtel? This article will show you the steps-by-steps method on how to do the me2U and Airtel Data transfer Code in Nigeria. Airtel Data transfer Code – Me2U Code As part of Airtel Nigeria’s innovative services, they had the opportunity to share … Read more

Enjoy 11k/sec on Airtel Smart Trybe – Full Details of the Airtel SMART Trybe tariff plan

The Smart  Trybe Airtel data plan is one of Airtel Nigeria’s newest and most exclusive rate plans. The Trybe smart rate plan is designed to provide the best data rates and calls to all networks without compromising other interesting benefits that are expected to become the only one. The characteristics of the Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan are … Read more


Welcome to Airtel is a new prepaid plan for new customers only on the Airtel network initially but lot of old Airtel subscribers too are now benefiting immensely from the Airtel *555* recharges which offer up to 500% free data and bonus airtime. Airtel image “Welcome To Airtel” is anew prepaid plan for new Airtel subscribers, the idea is to allow … Read more