How to update your Android phone to Nougat 7.1.2 or Android O

Android 7.1, Android Nougat duplicated by Google, is officially distributed on existing Android phones currently. First found on the Google Pixel XL phones, Android Turron offers many new features compared to previous versions and marshmallow. Do not smell the taste of multitasking in split screen, and better management of resources, which helps increase battery life. … Read more

Google app becoming destination, not just a search engine

The Google app is taking a new step awayfrom its original purpose — search —toward giving you information the companythinks you might want.The app offers a search bar above a stack of“cards” that present information tailored foryou, such as weather forecasts, newsheadlines and a map showing where Googlethinks you parked your car. With an updatethat … Read more